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 with personalized individual therapy treatment plans to meet each client’s individual needs.

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At TRANSITIONS COUNSELLING we believe that every situation is unique and therefore individuals will require differentiated levels of support at various times in life. We also strongly believe that every person enjoys a natural potential for self-regulation and self-recovery. The role of the therapist then is to guide the client on how to generate, expand and maintain his/her own source of optimal well-being.

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Working with Anna has been an extremely constructive process. I have not only achieved much resolution for a specific issue but also through gentle guidance I have been able to look into other areas of personal development that hitherto I had left unaddressed. I have benefitted hugely from the counselling relationship and highly recommend Anna for her compassion and professionalism.

Miranda, UK


I have tried different psychotherapists over the year, as my case is rather intricate. I couldn't find a solution to the roots of my problems until I meet Anna. Patient, willing to listen, prompt to analyse the issue are the key quality elements from Anna to me as a patient. She provides rich knowledge of scientific theories, dietary suggestions and guided breathing exercise and meditations and more. This holistic tailor-made approach to my case is extremely helpful at this very urgent moment, which I have never experienced with other traditional psychotherapists. If you are a mindfulness-based techniques lover, you would love to have Anna's guided meditation, coz she has a very calmly soothing voice, that's a bonus! 

Fannie, Hong Kong


Anna is a very empathetic therapist and I have the feeling that she really does her best to help me. She holds an extensive knowledge in her field of psychology that she has applied to help me to improve my condition. I found it very easy to trust her and I have complete confidence in our relationship.

Not only does she possess superb psychological skills, she is also very adept at suggesting different breathing techniques and yoga, among other skills. She offers a variety of tips to use, books to read and/or music to listen to help you calm.

Whenever possible, she prefers to advocate natural and healthy techniques, but will also be able to provide recommendations for psychiatrist doctors, if both of you think that medication might have to be considered.

Through an extensive dialogue, she has led me into self-exploration, helping me to put my finger on my exact issues, which have helped me to find out why I do not allow myself just to be happy and let go.

She is currently helping me to stop procrastinating and start getting back into action. However she does also insist I should get enough rest whenever I can to prevent fatigue.

In a few words, she is the “best expert friend” anyone would dream to have!

AL, France


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